Why do people buy and save Constitutional Silver Coins?

Although the historical US 40% and 90% silver coins are still accepted forms of payment, their overall silver content—rather than their face values—drives the majority of their trading

activity. Possessing these vintage US silver coins appeals to many silver savers because they may be used for direct barter or exchange. For instance, each of the tiny, vintage US 90% silver

dime coins has around 2.25 grams of silver. Many claim that these modest denomination silver coins might be useful for paying for necessities during a financial crisis. However, the

primary factor driving the purchase and long-term holding of vintage US Constitutional Silver Coins is their precious silver content, which has shown to be a reliable hedge against

continuing depreciation of fiat currencies and declines in buying power. To put it succinctly, silver appreciates in value over time, enabling 

owners to preserve a piece of their money in these exclusive, real, legally recognized, and precious metal coins made of silver from our ancestors.

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