Put This Plant by Your Front Door for Good Luck

This tiny topiary provides impact without taking up a lot of room, making it ideal for minimalists.

Napa Home & Garden Thyme Topiary 13"

Since they are among the simplest to maintain, snake plants are excellent for front entrances with little or no sunlight.

UV Treated Outdoor Potted Snake Plant - 35"

This type requires periodic trimming, but other than that, it requires little care.

Alder & Oak Star Jasmine Potted Plant

This plant is also a fantastic way to give your doorway some much-needed height and texture.

Large Dracaena Lemon Lime Tree

Bamboo is a lucky and abundant emblem, making it the ideal item to display at your front entrance and give to visitors.

Bamboo Palm

They require little upkeep and thrive in frigid climates.

Boxwood Topiary

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