Mediterranean diet VS. Keto Diet: Which Is Better?

The greatest dieticians out there regard the Mediterranean diet as the finest diet, while the severe and restrictive characteristics

of the keto diet keeps it among the worst. Regarding what may and cannot be consumed, the Mediterranean diet does not

impose any rigid rules. It is therefore longer-lasting and free from negative effects. However, the keto diet is extremely rich in fat

and severely limited in carbs, allowing for just 5% of the diet to be consumed. As a result, a lot of people find it difficult to maintain it

over time. A healthy eating pattern like the Mediterranean diet won't make you lose weight right away. However, over time, it will

have a decreased incidence of several heart conditions, and it will also enable you to keep a healthy weight. While there is an initial expense associated with the keto

diet, it is a very effective weight reduction plan. If continued over an extended length of time, it may lead to nutritional shortages, eating problems, and elevated cholesterol.

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