If You Sleep On Your Right Side, We Have News For You

Most people have a preferred side to sleep on. Yes, we shift about as we sleep, but we often return to the same side again. You might want to reconsider your orientation if sleeping on your right

side is your go-to option. There are a few advantages to sleeping on your left side of the body. It is believed that sleeping on your left side will improve your health the most.  The stomach and its

gastric secretions stay lower than the oesophagus when we sleep on our left side, which might lessen heartburn and other digestive problems. It is also the best way for pregnant women to sleep

since it eases strain on the back. Pregnant women who sleep on this side relieve strain on their liver and improve blood flow to and from the heart, uterus, kidneys, and fetus.

In general, it's healthier for us to sleep on our left side, particularly for those who have digestion problems, high blood pressure, acid reflux, or snore. Still, there are advantages to

sleeping on your right side, particularly for people who may find it more pleasant if they have cardiac problems. But according to one sleep specialist, lying on your back might be the solution if you want to lower your chance of developing back discomfort and obtain a good night's sleep.

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