Hunting Rare Coins Worth Thousands? 6 Strategies To Determine Value Quickly

1. Look where others fail to look. This might be in backyards, creeks, fountains, and the walls and attics of older houses.

2. At banks, trade in paper money or digital currency for coin rolls.

3. Invest in a metal detector. When looking in large regions like parks and coasts, these may be quite helpful.

4. Request permission from loved ones to examine their old coins. If you discover any, be ready to divide the profits.

5. Visit your neighborhood garage and estate sales. The sellers may not be aware of the worth of the items, so you can often find priceless artifacts there at steep prices.

6. Invest in a reference book, such as The Guide Book of US Coins. These can give information on what rare coins are and where to find them.

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