How to choose the healthiest jams and jellies?

1. Reduce the amount of added sugar: Sugar is added to most jams and jellies to aid in taste, stability, and preservation. It's not necessary to completely eliminate added sugars, but it's best to

stick to lesser quantities when selecting jams and jellies.  An excessive amount of sugar, whether it comes from high fructose corn syrup or

table sugar (sucrose), can be harmful to your health.  Less than 6 grams of added sugar per serving are found in the majority of our healthiest jams & jellies.

2. Simple ingredients: Fruit by itself tastes best in a fruit spread! We steered clear of extraneous components like artificial sweeteners, tastes,

and colors and instead selected jams and jellies made with basic ingredients like fruit, pectin, sugar, or in certain cases, natural sweeteners.

3. Delectable flavors: A tablespoon is often the serving amount for jam and jelly. That's all you need when the flavor is concentrated and strong! To help you effortlessly stick

to the portion size without feeling deprived, we selected jams and jellies that employ genuine fruit and fruit juices to create a variety of concentrated and tasty fruit spreads.

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