6 Walking Tips For Weight Loss

1. Stretch and warm up in beforehand. Before your stroll, stretch and activate certain muscles to reduce the likelihood of pain and damage both during and after your walk.

2. Put on a backpack or vest with weights. A weighted vest or backpack will put extra strain on your body throughout your walks if that's what you're searching for.

3. Track your steps with a watch or an app. Motivated by figures? Consider using a wristwatch or smartphone app to track your steps.

4. Switch up your walking and running intervals. While running isn't a must for weight loss, jogging or running moderately for as little as 10 seconds might enhance your walking exercises. After that, walk for two minutes.

5. Make a strolling music selection. Sometimes all you need to get pumped up is the perfect tune.

6. Remember to bring your water bottle. Water consumption is crucial for weight reduction, so don't forget to pack your favorite bottle.

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