6 Types of Salmon

You should anticipate that Atlantic salmon purchased in the US will have been farmed.

Atlantic Salmon

The biggest salmon in the Pacific is the king salmon, sometimes known as chinook salmon.

King Salmon

Sockeye salmon, sometimes known as red salmon, has a more robust taste and less fat than other types.

Sockeye Salmon

Coho salmon, often known as silver salmon, has a medium fat level, a harder yet delicate texture, and a moderate flavor.

Coho Salmon

Typically, pink salmon is canned. The fish, which was captured in the wild, is under six pounds in weight and has moderate flavor and a lean texture.

Pink Salmon

Chum salmon, sometimes called silverbrite, keta, or dog salmon, is a well-liked source of salmon roe, which is used to make caviar.

Chum Salmon

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