6 Reasons Why People Are Mean to You

1. You Seem Like an Easy Target to Them. Unfortunately, people prefer to pick on individuals who seem weak or defenseless.

2. Envy or jealousy. People who perceive your achievements or ability as a danger may react negatively, acting cruelly to vent their fears.

3. By mistake, you give them a bad feeling.  It's critical to consider the impact that your words and actions have on other people.

4. Their Depression Is A Problem For Them. Meanness and irritation can result from depression.

5. You Are Awakening Painful Recollections or Emotions. Even though you might not be aware of it, your behavior or presence could unintentionally provoke the person who is mistreating you.

6. Your actions feel like a trigger to them. You may unintentionally set up a response with your actions.

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