6 Rare Coins You Should Not Spend

To receive the best values, coins must be in perfect, uncirculated condition.

1964-D Roosevelt Dime ($920)

Finding mistake variants with "blotchy remnants" of a second "S" to the bottom left of the main "S" mintmark or distinct "S" mintmarks with bulbous serifs is essential to obtaining the maximum value.

1981-S Susan Anthony Dollar ($1,273)

Coins in perfect, uncirculated condition can fetch up to $6,000 on the market.

1969-D Kennedy Half Dollar ($2,640)

For Mint State brown variants, the 1926-D Wheat Penny worth is around $900, but for Mint State red variations, it is $22,000.

1926-D Lincoln Penny ($3,290):

These pennies may be found on eBay for hundreds to thousands of dollars, but one of the more expensive coins, in pristine condition, went for $159,000.

1914-D Lincoln Penny ($4,406)

Once more, in order for these coins to fetch the highest price, they must be in perfect, uncirculated form.

1987-P Kennedy Half Dollar ($4,800)

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