6 Foods You’ve Been Eating Wrong

1. Pizza that has been warmed up. If you're like most people and have leftover pizza, you probably microwave it to reheat it fast or even choose to eat it cold.

2. Burgers. The most popular food in the US is a hamburger, however many people are unaware of the upside-down eating technique.

3. Fish on the Grill. If you like your fish cooked, you're going to fall even more deeply in love.

4. Wine. Although it's not a food in the strict sense, wine is a beloved beverage that will soon become even healthier. Instead of using ice cubes to keep your wine cool, use frozen grapes!

5. Spaghetti. Although spaghetti is a popular dish all over the world, sauce is usually simply drizzled over it at the table.

6. Cake. It may surprise you to hear that, at least when it comes to appearance, chopping cakes with a knife is not the ideal way to go about things.

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