5 Most Affordable Cities to Travel to in the U.S.

Asheville, which is tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains, is a refuge for outdoor enthusiasts, artists, and art fans.

1. Asheville, North Carolina

Explore Omaha's unique combination of modern art, a burgeoning culinary scene, and a rich history in the center of the Midwest.

2. Omaha, Nebraska

Tulsa is a city with rich history and culture that combines metropolitan sophistication with southern comfort.

3. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tennessee's Chattanooga is a city renowned for its breathtaking mountainous surroundings and array of outdoor pursuits.

4. Chattanooga, Tennessee

Craft breweries have made Grand Rapids, which has been dubbed "Beer City USA," well-known.

5. Grand Rapids, Michigan

Moving Waldo states that as of January 2024, the average cost of living is $1,845.09 per month.

5. Grand Rapids, Michigan

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