5 Items You Should Never Buy in Bulk at Costco

1. Newly harvested produce. There was considerable discussion on the quality of Costco vegetables in the thread.

2.  Multi-Flavor Packs. Redditors gave multi-flavor boxes of everything a poor reputation, including yogurt, drinks, and even cat food.

3. Ice cream. "I'd like to buy the signature premium vanilla ice cream, but I don't need or want TWO huge gallons in one package," the customer said.

4. Mayonnaise (in a drum holding ten gal). You also definitely don't want to spend the ten-gallon barrel of Duke's Mayo if storage space is an issue.

5. Baked Goods. Though many Redditors don't want the temptation of those enormous

muffins or delectable cakes mocking them in their freezer, baked items freeze nicely.

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