4 High Protein Cereals Dietitians Love (That You Will, Too)

When it comes to cereal high in protein, Catalina Crunch is the undisputed victor.

1) Catalina Crunch

A terrific alternative to the sugary cereals we're all familiar with is Magic Spoon.

2) Magic Spoon

The blueberry-cinnamon cereal medley from Nature's Path combines flax seeds, puffed Kamut

3) Nature's Path

wheat, and organic whole grain flakes with freeze-dried blueberries and cinnamon.

3) Nature's Path

This cereal has three grams of fiber, zero grams of added sugar, and a variety

4) Wonderworks Peanut Butter

of protein blends that help increase its protein content to 17 grams per serving.

4) Wonderworks Peanut Butter

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